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About Kaleidopup

Hi! Thank you so much for checking out my Patreon!

I'm currently an animation student wrapping up my last year at school and on my senior thesis film. I'm ready to start off running in my career as a story artist, layout/bg artist, and animator. 
As a student and starting out professional, using this patreon would really help give me an extra boost and lift to where I eventually would like to end up in my career. It will help me make more time to create more art, push me to grow and learn, and better yet, i can share my growth and art with my followers and supporters!

I have three tiers for my patreon !

You can cancel and add your pledge anytime so don't stress if this isn't for you! 

I also have a ko-fi set up where u can support me for the price of a coffee, and  i will sometimes offer $3 ko-fi headshots!

To keep up to date with my art and ideas be sure to follow me on my social platforms.