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About Kalvin's Garage

Whats up everyone, thanks for checking out my page!

Kalvins Garage is a automotive Youtube Channel based around my self built cars, along with a variety of other cool cars, shows, and much more. 

The main goal of my channel is to show individuals that you can build/mod your own car without any formal experience. 

The reason I'm here is because of the recent mess with youtube's monetization changes. Me being a completely self funded channel, its been tough to see my revenue get cut in half, without any knowledge if ill ever get back to how things should be. So I've come to ask my true supporters for some, well, support. With no source of funding, this channel relies on my own personal funds to continue to upgrade and maintain pricy equipment, traveling, and the amount of time thats invested to create just one video. 

Once you've signed to become a supporter, you'll have access to the Live Kalvins Garage Community, free merch, Early Video Access, have the opportunity to chat with me, and more!

In all seriousness, this will enable me to create more and better content for you all at a quicker rate. Id really appreciate it. 

If you have any suggestions to make the channel better, or for any recommendations to make the rewards better, feel free to contact me :)
$78 of $1,000 per month
When I reach $1000 per month, Ill start our very own drift build series. We will buy/build a drift car that we all agree on, and take it to as many events as we can :)
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