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About Kambrio

Hi, everyone! We are Kambrio Machinima team. We are working with Machinimas for few years. At first, there were funny and stupid parodies, but after a few years of experimentation with technologies and stories we've decided to make something serious (at least more serious).

Now we are using Unreal Engine 4 for making our machinimas and we've achieved a decent graphics. Also, we pay more attention to screenplay, sound, and voice acting. Now we cooperate with other YouTubers and machinimators to produce machinimas which looks great as we think.

We have few screenplays for future movies and already working on them. So, we are want to make high-quality content and growth continuously. But there are only two of us working on our movies. We are studying, working and have usual daily lives. Making machinimas high quality takes a lot of our time, and now we're planning to upgrade hardware and software, maybe even hire another people to speed up the production process. So, if you decide to support us, we'd be happy and make more great content for you.

Forgot to notice, we are in the League of Machinima and we are proud of being a part of it. Make Machinimas Great Again! :)
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