is creating Videogame Soundtrack Remixes and Original Compositions.
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Thank you for the donation! Remember that every bit counts! You get previews to some remixes early when they are finished! Which can be anywhere from a day early to a whole week early depending on when I finish it. You also get a patrons role in the Kamtro discord server!  Also a thank you with your name in each video. Every bit helps!

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All rewards above except you get previews to all releases and a thank you at the end of my videos for making this possible!

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This is an option for those who want to donate more. The rewards will be the same as $5 tier.




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About Kamex

I'm just some college kid with a passion for music and video games. I like to make Original Compositions and video game remixes on my spare time and have always dreamed of doing this as a living. This could be my jump start into doing so.

I have been trying to produce music since I was 13 years old in May of 2011.  Ever since then I have been working at it to improve. I'm currently majoring in Sound Production and I'm currently over halfway there to getting my degree!

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