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About Bryce Keen

Quick Overview:
I promise to stream 3 days a week Friday/Saturday/Sunday.
I promise 7 new videos a week on Youtube.

HEY! Thanks for dropping by my patreon page! Now here comes the awkward moment where I ask you to give me money. Feel free to just throw some spare change on the ground and slowly back out the exit to avoid the awkwardness. Go ahead, I'll close my eyes and count to 5.

I'll just lay it all out on the line, I'm currently attempting to make it as a full time twitch streamer and content creator. It's turning out to be exactly as hard as people warned me it would be, YAY! That being said, I still couldn't imagine myself doing anything else with my life right now. I started streaming October 2015 and fell in love with it immediately. The issue that I'm running into, is all my money I saved up when I decided to go full time is slowly dwindling to nothing. I'm SO close to becoming able to sustain myself from streaming + content creation alone.

That's where you come into play. Your guys' monthly support will let me keep doing what I love, and that's entertaining you! Feel free to check out some Youtube videos or come into one of my twitch live streams and say hey. If you aren't at least giggling 10 minutes into either of these encounters, then I'm not your type of humor. If I tickle your fancy, just consider helping a Kami in need <3
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This is the minimum required for me to survive while streaming and creating content for you amazing people full time!
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