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About Kappy

Thank you for looking at my page! 
With Patreon, I'm hoping to connect on a deeper level with the community and start creating more unique content. I've been supporting my artistic endeavours with freelance commission work for 15 years now, and its really time for a change! 
I'm gearing to stop relying on freelancing so heavily and finally be able to dive into new, exciting mediums that I haven't had the freedom to experiment with much. I've longed to start creating large scale, multiple canvas paintings full of energy and life! Take a look below at similar projects to the ones you'll help me create.

With your support, I will be able to get in touch with a much neglected side of my artistic interests... and if all goes well, hopefully sell these creations back to you if they pique your interest! 
Rewards will grow as time goes on, as you'll be helping me create merchandise from printed assets, as well! 

Thank you for your contributions!
$0 of $400 per null
When I reach $400/mo, I'll be able to invest in some new equipment for higher quality streams and timelapse videos/tutorials. 
On top of the recording equipment, I'll also be creating merchandise from my art (stickers, bookmarks, prints, magnets, etc) which will be later sent out as rewards

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