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is creating Visual Art, Music Film, multi media montages

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My name is Karen Colville, I am a Visual Artist, Natural Health Herbalist motivational speaker presenter for families to access nature,Natural living and plant based educator presenter in Canada.  I create multi media montages with original art, photography and video.

I  also promote the use of hemp in clothing, the environment and an advocate for CBD  medical cannabis medicines as nutraceuticals and healing oils, hemp fashion, eco style up cycle, this business is in it's infancy as per regulations in Canada. My original designs are on VIDA, Etsy and  many have sold as slow fashion to local patrons.
My Direction has changed back into Music, Video and Film making, I can be more of a voice to end marginalization of dis/abled people in Canada and in the world, part of my work is dedicated to accessible communication, access to community,travel with inclusion and where inclusion is acceptance. Nutrition is essential for all life as clean abundant water is.

My most recent film video project in preproduction is Portrait of Faith, https://www.facebook.com/Portrait-of-Faith-1250785...
Log line:Portrait of Faith is a true story, two lives converge, a Woman Artist and a famous Crow, whom interacts with Humans, both survive violence into a supernatural connection and have community support with happier out comes.A powerful visionary connection with redemption.
This film short Docudrama is in preproduction
the password is Liberty1237

You can chose to support on Patreon to help finance the project. I will send a Thank You card or a Poster and plan to have more incentive gifts. You can donate here on Patreon.
I am entered in a number of film festivals around the globe, for my music, video montages as art. 
My Vimeo page is
    My other Documentary Cutting Through The Matrix of Canadian Health recently voted  on Story Hive.
 Beautiful Sunset , We've Come A Long Sound Tracks to Portrait of Faith  Way are audio recordings in preproduction and are now for the time being art montages. The audio recordings are in all on line stores including Amazon. You can tell I have been a busy entrepreneur.

My success the past two years  is Vancouver Fashion week where one of my wearable art pieces went down the run way.

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For those whom supported my health recovery I applaud your compassion and forgive those whom did not care to support as something in return, you underestimated my perseverance
Thank You, for those whom have yet here is a chance to become involved in my developing projects in music and in video film, photography. Portrait of Faith, Docudrama in preproduction, Cutting Through The Canadian Health Matrix Documentary, Music soundtracks Beautiful Sunset, We've Come A long Way Access Able,Northern Lights, Art of The Dance

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