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Primstav Poet
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A person living in the world, telling time by the moon and sun, following seasonal and agriculturally based practices met up with a person whose culture quantified time in such a way as to fit it into squares, force a seven day week, and name all the days for their gods and all the months for their emperors.

The Primstav Calendar is, to me, how these people sorted it out.

I began an on-line study with fellow Nordic root folks here in Minneapolis on the "Summer Side" April 14, 2019.

What came out of it (aside from some fun lectures and a few geeky essays) is poetry. There is a tension between the Catholic saints placed over the agricultural traditions that has been unnerving. I have put these feelings into poems. The first volume will be released to supporters on Summer Solstice 2020. The second volume will be release on Winter Solstice 2020.

The ultimate goals are:
Create a full poetry book published through Nordic Moon Press, edited by David de Young, and with photos by Lotta Vihriala.

And to create a wipe-off calendar to help keep track of all the days along with Minta Carlson of Needfire Wellness.
Stav Supporter
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Volva Stav, coined in 2003, means, literally, Staff Carrying Woman's Staff. This is what I call my original Nordic root mind/body/spirit practice. Included in this level is a link to a free download of the original manual.

My true goal is to get this teaching up on-line. Nothing compels me more to do this than having monthly supporter rooting for me!

These goals are being reached through my collaboration with Needfire Academy. The first thing a student of Volva Stav needs to learn is how I set and keep boundaries for myself, in my family of origin, and in my community. We also set and keep boundaries and good communication with ancestors, nature, the emotional body of self and other, and all kinds of "in-coming" stimulus.

Frith and Grith are divine female beings in Old Norse and the name of the first class in Volva Stav Training!

Supporters will get written notes, links, and other updates to the progress of the New Volva Stav Manual!
For Teachers
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Many of you have reached out to me for a "teachers track" of my work and have suggested that $25/month would work for you.

So, in addition to all of the category benefits, I am humbly adding:

Quarterly Briefings on the New, Waxed Half, Full, and Waned Half of the moon/monthly cycle. 

As I do my own monthly meditation cycle I will send you my notes, exercises, and methods that you can share with your students.

I carry the staff for my family of origin first and include my Lutheran education in daily considerations. As you know from the Primstav study I am also trying to get my head around my Catholic Norwegian ancestry as well. As you know from Volva Stav, I am daily tapping the roots of that which came before Christianity.

Because it is pre-Christian, it can not be "anti-Christian" in my theology. And as I explained to my mother, Jesus embodied compassion through his selfless sacrifice, he didn't invent it. I want to know what goodness my pre-Christian ancestors had already.

The goal of Volva Stav is to heal our own oorlog and come into Gifu, self to self. I follow the wisdom of the poetic Eddas, the runes, the seasonal cycle of a living Earth (Jord) and cycles of Mani the moon god through the pillars rounded by his sister Sunna the sun chariot racer. In other words, a luni-solar calendar.

Notes will come in the form of writing, photos, and videos. The videos on Patreon come through YouTube so I am making it my "Quarantine Goal" to align and unify all of my YouTube work.

These are notes you can share with the groups you are working with, whether it is prison groups, school groups, or in family groups! 
If you find it useful, please use it.

You will be able to email me with questions.

We may send a zoom or other link to an on-line discussion!
I think this will be amazing.
Thank you for asking.




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Velkommen alle sammen - Welcome Everyone for the coming year of study, growth, rootedness, healing, and connection.

I am a staff carrier of my family of origin öorlog and a teacher and healer of Nordic root people through the folk arts of song, dance, poetry, and mind-set since 1989.

Free for All Visitors - I will be posting New and Full Moon writings based on the Old Calendar and on runes pulled in ceremony at those times. 

Primstav - Learning to live in the Nordic lunisolar calendar of pre-Roman contact and discovering how the Roman and Catholic way of "telling time" influenced my ancestors has been a passion of mine. I began an on-line study of the Primstav on April 14, 2019 while I was celebrating Easter in Finland. Poetry has been coming up out of this process and your patronage will help me carve out time to organize and send my poetry to be edited.

I will send patrons rough drafts, links, and other learning "a ha's" that come up. 

The New Volva Stav Manual - Volva Stav is my original curriculum in Nordic root metaphysics, cosmology, mythology, runes, sound, rhythm, stav, movement, song, dance, and spiritual development. A free download of the original manual from 2010 is available on line and patrons will get first looks at updated chapters.

Video learning - I will be organizing and updating the Volva Stav YouTube pages and adding to them with patrons getting the links first.

Patrons will also receive notes and graphics to my on-line classes through Needfire Academy.  Frith and Grith is required for all students of Volva Stav. 

Teachers - I will be sharing teaching tools, quarterly meditations, and giving you a chance to ask questions. We will meet on-line through a link I will send you for discussion, feedback, and to strategize around particular students issues.

I hope you can join me in this coming year of growth, healing, and rootedness!
Kari Tauring

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