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Thank you for becoming a Croatian once again, this time on Patreon!

You are now a part of all mighty patreon army!

Perks of Croatian tier:

- access to uncut reactions of all shows I currently watch on my YouTube channel at the time

- access to Patreon exclusive discord channel, where you will vote on the shows I am watching in the future

Super (Saiyan) Croatian
per month
Thank you so much for your support! 

You are one of the elite warriors, always charging 1st in the fight, and with your power level over 9000, you are leading the rest of Croatians to battle!

Perks of Super (Saiyan) Croatian tier:

- early access to all of my shows that are not currently running on a weekly basis -> watch anywhere between 3-5 episodes ahead of people watching it on youtube

- access to old shows (shows that were finished more than a month ago on my channel)

- perks of Croatian tier

The main goal here is to steadily be few weeks ahead on shows I am watching. I will try to be ahead for as many episodes as I can, but I will do my best never to fall under 3 episodes ahead from YouTube folks watching. That obviously doesn't apply to shows that are coming out weekly due to having to wait for new episodes to come out.

Shows covered in this tier:

- Death Note -> up to episode 37 (finished)

- Steins Gate 0 -> up to episode 8

- Jojo's Bizarre Adventure -> up to episode 39

- Kill la Kill -> up to episode 4

- Food Wars -> up to episode 3

- Cowboy Bebop -> up to episode 3

(This isn't even my) Final Form Croatian
per month
Wow you really love me, don't you? I love you too! <3

In all seriousness, thank you so much for supporting me and my work, it means the world to me!

You are one of the few ancient warriors, survived in a void for centuries, hiding from prehistoric evils today's world couldn't even imagine existed! Silently, you watched civilizations grow, prosper and burn, countless lives begin and end. You are extremely skilled both in combat and strategy, leading any army to total victory!

Perks of Final Form Croatian tier:

- voting on a monthly movie reaction*

- voting on a special anime reaction*

- perks of both Croatian and Super (Saiyan) Croatian tiers

Monthly movie reaction 

- you will vote on a movie you would like to see reaction of

- there will be 1 movie per month

- movies will be exclusive to Final Form Croatian tier with possible movie reviews on my YouTube channel

Special anime reaction

- there will be 1 extra anime I will cover on Patreon at all times

- you will vote on that show and it will be covered in an 4 episodes per week format; after either finishing the show or getting through 25 episodes of the show, it will gradually become available to other Patreon tiers and might eventually end up on YouTube

- as soon as one show finishes, we will vote for a next one and continue with the same pacing

If there is a lot of interest for this tier -> as soon as we get to 50 Patreons of this tier, either adding another anime to this tier or watching 7 episodes per week so we move through shows faster.

I will start watching/uploading shows on this tier as soon as we reach 5 Patreons of this tier!




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Thank you so much for considering becoming my Patreon and thus making it easier for me to provide you with all of the content and contributing towards better equipment for better quality videos!

If you want to know more about why I started Patreon, check out the video above!

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Gimme food!

Food is one of the most important thing for any person to function on a daily basis. For quite some time, I wanted to eat a bit healthier and slim down a bit. I often find myself tired mid day, without energy, in need of rest. And it is often related to bad eating habits. Eating healthier is always at least a bit more expensive, so thank you for helping me do it.

It will be a long process, but at the end I will have more energy for both higher quality and higher quantity of content. Thank you for all of your support so far! I couldn't do this without you!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 197 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 197 exclusive posts

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