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About KarmaKix

Hello Beautiful People!

       KarmaKix here, I am bringing you some amazing Minecraft videos! I have so much fun in the world of Minecraft. Currently I am a member of the Tree Server which allows me to create some beautiful builds as well as play with other people. I play KarmaCraft on my Patreon Only Server which is an absolute blast! I play Minigames on The Hive, Hypixel, and Mineplex. Although I'm not very good, I do have a blast playing! I stream Live on Mixer playing Minecraft & other games as well. I am also a Minefaire YouTube Rising Star! Come join the fun as I continue to explore the world of Minecraft and bring you all along for the ride! Remember, what goes around, comes back around!

💜 Much Love ~ KarmaKix 💜

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