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I am a hard-working, unsigned singer-songwriter/producer in Western Canada. I work full time and juggle my family and music on my own time. Thus far I have independently funded all of the works available for free enjoyment on SoundCloud. Each and every song I've produced and released (even the covers) have cost money and time to produce, involved purchasing mechanical rights and the equipment to record them. I was recently signed to SOCAN and BMI, so now I have copyright protection for my own music going forward. I am looking forward to releasing more covers AND original content, as well as producing my own podcast, called "Burnt Popcorn".
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Burnt Popcorn needs a podcasting mic! Last year our previous sole microphone bit the dust. We're looking at getting a Blue Snowball USB mic for room podcasting in groups, a Kaotica Eyeball audio shield for one on one (we're sharing this equipment with Shadow4Evr, the gaming YouTuber) and to help fund part of the Boyes Bassment's new NEAT King Bee Studio Microphone!
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