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Hi! I'm Kate. I'm passionate about influencing and guiding business to take the steps needed to realise respect for human rights and the environment in supply chains and global operations. 
I lived in China many years and am particularly passionate to share what we can do to buy sustainably and be responsible business partners with China. 
I'm on Patreon as I do some voluntary advocacy and I'd love your support. 
Currently (July 2019) there are over 1 million people of Uighur descent held in concentration camps in China. We can influence businesses and our governments to call for and see their release, freedoms, and basic human rights to be respected again. So I'm creating tracker tools, writing, and speaking about what can be done. 
That's my spare time.
The rights of the time I'm Founder of SupplyESChange delivering Online Courses, and a Manifesto for organisations to Pledge that they'll support the Policy change we need to end sweatshops (including modern slavery in them) . You can read more at https://supplyeschange.com/be-the-change/ .
For 15 years I've worked in China, Asia, the USA & UK in & with NGOs (charity) and business on improving working conditions in factories for the people #WhoMakeOurThings and fashion and to prevent environmental water, air and waste pollution (which I wrote my Masters thesis on). Many people still don't know what those conditions are like (I speak Chinese and have heard directly from many Chinese workers making your shoes, clothes, bags & stuff), what we can do about them, and how we can fix them!

As I've been in & out of factories in China and Asia I'm often asked: "Which brands should I buy clothes from?". In truth, the answer is, you should be able to buy from any brand and know that we have laws in place that ensure that no matter where people make your clothes and things, business will make sure people #WhoMakeOurThings are treated fairly. The past 15-20 years of "Corporate Social Responsibility" have shown us that there are solutions available to realise this goal, but we don't have laws to cause business to support them yet!

That's where You come in. Thanks!
This Patreon account is your way of supporting me to write, speak, tweet (KatieAL), blog, podcast & advocate:
-To remind people why we need to treat people #WhoMakeOurStuff fairly;
-What we've learned in the past 15 years about what works;
-What standards and policy/law improvements we could implement to cause that change!
With Patreon you can help me apply my China and Asia and business & NGO experience (which I've heard workers tell me in Chinese tell me they need, e.g. so they might see their kids more than once every 6-18 months) to help cause these solutions!

There are lots of good people and organisations in this "fight" for change. I've worked in Human Rights Watch, with the UK Ethical Trading Initiative, Business for Social Responsibility, Save the Children, members of the Fair Labor Association, Save The Children China Child Rights Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, Responsible Business Alliance, Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety and Alliance, setting up factory worker helpline services in China, Japan, Bangladesh, with ILO Better Factories Cambodia and the Better Work programme and HERProject, and more. You will support me to reach out to them and others and help them further collaborate (which is what we know works!) to cause this change. I'll do my best to respond to your queries on how to shop ethically, what the issues are, what the solutions are, the nitty gritty, as by supporting me I know you care about this Change!

You'll #MakeADifference by supporting me in this work to Make the World a Better Place.

Thanks for your support. Be The Change!
$0 of $100 per month
When I reach $100 in support each month, I'll start a Podcast interviewing the people who advocate for the workers #WhoMakeOurStuff (LabourBehindTheLabel, CleanClothesCampaign, FairWear, Human Rights Watch) to help you understand where your things come from, which companies do better, and help we and them cause the Change!
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