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Bronze: "You still won"
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You are now on the same level with the Medici family. I shall use your blessed funding to send an errand boy out for a loaf of bread and small pot of ink so that I may continue these filthy notations.

What you get my good lady (or sir) patron:


  • Exclusive post as to where am I at so far with my books.
  • Post for deleted scenes/chapters from previous books, fun facts, layouts of the house the character interact in, and character inspirations
Silver: "Now, we are getting somewhere."
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Yes, kind sir/madam your funding will go into support of me purchasing...how shall I say, salacious reading resources. However, it's purely for research purposes so that I may keep my mind sharp and open.

This level shall provide everything above as well as:


Short story: You'll get access to a patrons-only page where you can read or download a never-before-published short story every month!

Gold: "This is what we trained for!"
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Ok, I see that you really love me and actually want me to have more than a loaf of bread. I think I shall even go to the market to obtain an orange. Maybe this month I won't get scurvy. Look at God.

What you get on this esteemed level most esteemed one:

  • All the levels above.
  • You providing me input and me actually listening. Such as, what you would like to see in my work. 
  • Make me read one of your favorite books and write a review on my goodreads page.
  • One free kindle copy of book of your choice.
  • Early access to read each new story before it gets released to the public!




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About Katerina Winters

Hello from my dark cave!
Thank you so much for checking out my Patreon page.

Since I am a dedicated through-and-through hermit who turns downs book signing events, conventions, and other such socializing ilk I am left with no choice  (i do have a choice but i willfully ignore it) to turn to even more online methods. Aw technology, always there to enable filthy minded shut-ins like myself.

So why patreon exactly? Because its a fantastic method to circumvent the pricey conventions and bring myself directly to my tiny base of loyal readers. 

On here I plan to have short stories, signed books, swag, beta reading sign up, and tons more.
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