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Hi! I'm Kath!

Before I get into the whole 'what's this about?' deal, allow me to extend my sincere gratitude for even perusing this page. If you're anything like me, sometimes you feel like a lost voice calling out across a clamouring sea. Even if you don't read this whole thing, you stopped by for a moment. That means a lot.

If you're wondering where the artwork on this page comes from, I grabbed it from Pixabay. My avatar is by Stefan Keller and my banner by Peter Pyw.

So Who Am I Then?

Since my late teenage years, I've spent my life caring for my mother. A chronic spine problem coupled with a degenerative muscle has left her needing a lot of care and attention. At times, it has also left me feeling bound by chains forged of anxiety and depression. The only thing certain about being a carer for someone with such ailments is that your future is not certain. I've watched my friends advance their careers, grow as people, marry, have children and enjoy their lives - it would be a lie to say I'm not slightly envious.

I've had a manuscript in a stage of semi-completion for a little over a year now. Originally, I hoped to publish it last June but we can guess how well that went! My circumstances are such that my income is low - far too low to afford a decent editor or any form of promotion - and my bodyclock is a little screwy due to many late nights and early mornings tending to my mother's needs.

I want to get this done, I do. If I accomplish nothing else in my life, publishing a novel seems a worthy goal and if only one person finds enjoyment in it, then I'll be satisfied with my efforts (though, of course, I'd love it if more did!).

What's This Book, Then?

It's actually two books, to begin with. Both are (grim)dark high fantasy, set in a corrupt world where power is derived through religion and persecution. Commoners are expendable, noble houses can be destroyed on a whim, and puppet masters pull the strings. My hope is to create a series of books, bringing together disparate groups and individuals from across three large continents.

Why Patreon?

I've set this Patreon up to both help me get over the line and motivate me to continue. Even the smallest contribution is an 'I care!' from somebody and on some days that is a much needed light in the darkness. Being a carer, you don't get a lot of 'good work today!' plaudits and during bouts of depression, it's hard to push forth to an uncertain goal.

In return for your support, I'll write more. I'll share bits of my creative process with you. I'll answer questions. I'll share short stories, flash fiction pieces or just vague other ideas. If I think of other things I can do, I'll do them too. And though it may not be worth a lot, I'll be appreciative.

Other Tidbits

In addition to writing fiction, I occasionally blog about topics that are important to me (privacy, surveillance, censorship, carer's topics), things I've seen in the news and write tongue-in-cheek reviews of (mostly horror) movies. My experience in paid writing is small but I am proud to have contributed a non-fiction essay to the book Queer Privacy, edited by Sarah Jamie Lewis.

Due to familial pressure, I consider myself a semi-out bisexual. My sexuality is not well-known in the real world except for close friends (and my girlfriend, I find it helps that she knows) but I am quite open online. Many of the topics on my blog, and indeed my fiction, have been influenced by the challenges of being forced to live a double life.

You are welcome to follow me on Twitter although I rarely have anything bitingly insightful to say!
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