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100+ pages of prose & poetry creatively written in a time of bittersweet falling apart; to fall back together all over again
This is a book dedicated to all that are courageous enough to follow the pulse & rhythm of their heart & it's deepest callings
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the gentle whispers for love & cigarettes were planted with a rough tug of the ground under my feet on the 4th of July 2016 (exactly 2 years ago to the start of the pre-order campaign) with the deepest felt fall of my life; the day the love of my life up until that point left my world to love me at a distance.
I had been trying to make something fit that simply no longer did. so eventually, as all things that aren’t meant for us do, he fell away & left a raw & swollen wide-open space.
three days before, my two best friends - who we had shared a home with up until that point - also decided to allow their worlds to part & love each other as only friends.
“& so began the most wonderful & scary darkness - a falling away of even the parts of me I wanted to cling to for dear life, for a surrender over to the even better. & then in the midst of feeling my body might just break from such a painful but intricately placed process of falling away, a veil dropped. here also began a rise into love with the ex-love of a sister who was made of the same star as I.”
& an even deeper falling-away process began, as I made a choice to pursue my hearts deepest calling in a time where I had never felt so clear. I had shedded years of being that no longer served me & it was time to move with my heart.
& so the grounds we had built a sisterhood on fell away as he & I chose each other & allowed a love to bloom, & a very beautiful heart to break in the process.
it was there - sitting in the deepest, darkest experience of loss whilst never feeling more intuitively led towards a path in my life - where the words began & still haven’t stopped. forgiving myself was a complicated process, textured with a gentle pink softness & a red fire that burned all in the one.

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