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About KatinkaDraws

Hello, I am Katinka :) 
I am a selftaught digital Artist from Germany. I tend to draw cute fantasy stuff. It's not always cute though, sometimes it's also really creepy. Really depends on my mood! I love computer games (it was also part of my studies) and it would be my dream to be a part of that industry some day. I mean as an artist. So I'll keep working on my dream until I can make it come true! I'd be so very super happy if you would join me on my journey :)  

I have no idea how this works, and I'm really excited to create my own patreon page! I will share my process of how I create my digital paintings with my super amazing unicorn-patreons? Does it work like that? I hope it does. Because Unicorns are the best. And Patreons. Especially patreons.
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I will draw a 360-Panorama with a theme that my patreons will decide on! And I'll make a timelapse of the process!
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