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Fashion Sketches

per month
Get  a sneak peek at what I'm working on.  For every $5, I will email you a sketch of a  gown in this collection. Sketching is the first step in my process, used as an exercise to see the direction I wish to take and the story I desire to share through the garments.

Sketch of your own

per month
Want something authentic? For patrons of $15 or more, I will mail you a custom sketch of a gown that will be featured in my launch this April. You can hang it on your fridge, pin to your inspiration board or frame it as a keepsake & have a daily reminder that your supporting a dream.

Fashion Illustration

per month
Once I narrow down my sketches, I select roughly 12 of the silhouettes to then illustrate. Here is where I determine my fabric and embellishments through the art of illustration. My medium is watercolor, and the illustrations come with a soft hand subtle sass.  For every patron that donates $25+ you will receive one hand painted illustration of my upcoming collection launch. 



About Kit

Dearest Patrons, 

I truly want to thank you for your time, your support and for your interests in this crazy dream of mine. I've been building my small business over the course of this last year as a brick and mortar located just outside of Milwaukee, Wi. I opened up my first studio boutique to the public in June of 2017.
In this cozy space, I dream, illustrate, drape, draft and sew all of my own pieces. I am currently in the process of creating my first collection under my own label, and I couldn't be more thrilled. This has been a long time coming. Lots of blood, sweat and tears are behind each piece, but I know that going into business is what I'm meant to do. I have had a career working amongst the most elite and notable names in New York City. I've worked for peanuts along the way, knowing that my time invested in learning the industry and perfecting my techniques was something I couldn't put a price on. 
I first started this dream, this notion, this business  in a 3'x5'x7' storage container located in the depths of midtown manhattan. Yea. I did that. I called that place home, I called it shop. It was the hardest chapter of my twenties (and life for that matter), taking those initial steps, and downgrading my livelyhood to this small, hot and claustrophobic square footage. But honestly, I never felt more driven. 
Fast Forward to today, I sit in a sun-drenched studio overlooking a river and I spend every waking moment hunched over my sewing machine. My collection is nearing completion. I can't tell you how ready I am to see my gowns hanging on that rack that frames my space. 
My goal is to get my label circulating amongst the New York Bridal Week shows. I know thats a few years out now, as I'm working the front just to get my  label started. But with your help, I'll be able to grow at a manageable pace, purchase machinery and equipment needed for this business and hopefully be able to hire an extra set of hands down the road.

Thank you for being a patron of my work. Your efforts and support are much appreciated.

Most Sincerely,
Kit Hunzinger
Owner & CEO of Kit Co.

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