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About Ken Domik

Hello, we are Ken & Carol Domik from KBDProductionsTV and Ken's Vlogs (a.k.a. KenDomik'sLife), and welcome to our Patreon page.

   I've been a Youtuber for 9 years; 3 years part-time, 6 years full time. With all my hard work and continued support from my followers, I now have more than 425,000 subscribers across my channels.
It's incredibly exciting, but it was not achieved without difficulty. A Youtuber of my status makes just enough to get by in life, but I want to make it more sustainable so I can keep doing what I love, and continue making new and exciting content on my channels for you to enjoy.

   I truly appreciate people simply watching my videos - as that helps my channels grow - but if you feel like contributing more, your pledge will go directly towards the growth and production of my channels.
Your pledge will support new travel vlogs, trying new food from around the world, and updating equipment to improve the quality of my videos.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to check out my Patreon page.
- Ken
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When we get to 100 patrons I will start producing a Patreon ONLY LiveStream once a month.
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