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Hey there!

I'm Keniisu, and I am someone who's been on YouTube for a long time. Whether it be my earliest content where admittedly it wasn't the best (As I'm sure most people's first creations aren't), I've always been someone that strives for something better than I was currently doing.

This Patreon page is here as a way for me to be able to reach my ambitions of doing something better with my content. I want to be able to improve the overall quality in terms of editing and audio, so being able to have the funding there will help tremendously with that. This page exists for those who want to want to support more directly, though honestly your views, comments and engagement does do a lot for me already in terms of support.

What Can I Get For My Support?

Well, not only my appreciation and upmost gratitude for your support - you can receive various rewards for your patronage to me that are laid out in a 'Tier' sort of format on this page.

3 of 15 patrons
Higher Production Quality.
  • I'll be able to put out videos with a higher quality of production due to the better funding that will be accessible to me.
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