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To my Friends here and there, I haven’t told you everything.

As those of you who have taken then time to get to know me, you may be aware of my struggle with Depression and Anxiety over the past years, as well as my gradual success in getting treatment recently. You might also have shared my excitement over finding the Critical Role fandom community, and how my friends there have helped me so much I can’t even begin to express.
Additionally, you might have been there when Geek and Sundry and the Critical Role Cast released one of my fan designs recently as a T-shirt, which humbled me beyond words.

What you might not know is that I am unemployed, pursuing a disability claim, and far too shamed by the process to talk much about but to my closest friends. With literally no resources, I survive by living in a room lent by my sister, frequenting food banks and soup kitchens, and recently selling some t-shirts on Redbubble.

I'm on my way in a different career path, and its ultimately as scare as it is exciting

So to that end, I’m posting this in order to ask, very respectively, if you are inclined to buy me a cup of Latte (make mine Chai) on Monday, or a snack, or contribute to my bus fare or my art, I’ll be able to offer you a commission on a T-Shirt design, a basic Tutorial in using Photoshop, or maybe some advice in buying your next PC. Who knows what i have in my brain that could be useful to you?

It will be like a Virtual Cerebral Garage Sale

in order to facilitate that. I’ll recognize you, thank you, and remember it as I face that day. We can even sit and chat while we have a cup on the social media of your choice.
Thank you for being such wonderful people
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