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Well, I'm Kent M. Smith. I Live in Portland, OR. My goal is to create my first full length album and to continue to create and expand on writing and recording for future albums. I'm working on what you could call a rough draft of my collection of songs from the past 13 years. With the money I raise on Patreon, I'm planning to take that collection to be mixed and mastered professionally. Also, I'd like to pay other musicians to help me make the final product. It costs a lot to produce your own record without a record deal. To show how much I really appreciate all the help and support for the album,  I'm going to post clips and teasers of the newest songs I'm working on and get feedback from all of my patrons. Thanks again for all your support!
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My first goal is 100 a month to fund all the little things like, Copywriting, Recording Equipment and Distribution of my full length album. I've been doing this for 12 years and my friends, fans, and family still only get to enjoy an acoustic experience when I have time to put a show together and it lines up with their schedule. All the money I make on patron goes directly to my music. I have a day job to support the family and just need help supporting the music.
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