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I will forever be grateful! It may not be much to others but this is a huge help for me, plus you get access to my discord server so we can talk about video games and the complexities of story telling! You also have access to pages before the episodes are even out and development sketches for upcoming pages

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About Kerzid

Hello, I'm 'Kerzid'. 
I'm a freelance artist. I started making art as a form of expression in story telling and creativity.

Eventually, I wanted it to combine the two and started the comic 'Tim' in Webtoons.

The comic is about problems and tragedies that I, my friends, people I've talked to and maybe even you that had to be overcomed. They can be strictly based of or loosely based of. I want every part of every episode to tell a story worth remembering and an important message on their own. I genuinely hope all of my art and the comics provides something meaningful that stays in your heart and wanders your mind. 

Right now, the comic's art-style potential is limited by the amount of time I have to work on them. With enough support, I get to solely focus on it, get me off my addiction towards video games and improve the comic's art-style with polish, critical analysis on presentation and overall effort.

10% complete
I get to stop bothering my parents for lunch money and eventually getting me into buying new equipment.

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