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About Kevin Lannan

Hey everyone. If you're here, it's because you're awesome.

Who am I?

My name is Kevin Lannan. I'm an aspiring writer. My primary goal as a writer is to become a published novelist, but over the years I've become fascinated with many other forms of writing. One day, hopefully, I'll write my own movie scripts, short story anthologies, TV scripts, and more. I'd like to be known not only for my writing, but for the collaborations I do with other artists and creators. Writing has been my passion for a long time and I'm hoping to create tons of content throughout my career.

What is this Patreon page for?

This will be the page where I post the fiction that I write, as well as anything else I create. There might be drawings, new short stories, vignettes, or other creations. Basically, if I make it, you get it.

Why post so many different things?

There are many reasons to do what I do.

First, providing content is what an artist should do.
Second, my Patreon content will be meant to make people excited about my current and/or future projects.
Third, I'm hoping to foster an amazing online community of artists, creators, and fans. Patreon gives me the platform to distribute, market, and advertise. By combining that with other platforms, such as Discord, I'm hoping to encourage collaboration.
Last, I believe that anybody willing to support an artist like myself should be rewarded as much as possible.

What do you get if you support me?

If you choose to support me, you'll have my undying gratitude. Which is to say that if I turn into a zombie, I'll try (really hard) not to eat you.

In all seriousness, I'm going to be trying my best to provide quality content for people while I work toward my goal of becoming a professional writer. So if you'd like to see what happens as I journey toward perfecting my craft and learning new skills, sign up. I'll tell you stories about a flotilla of post-apocalyptic pirates, a wrinkly old man called "The Fairest King," a pair of children that have no desire to leave a space station that everyone is trying to leave, or just tales of my Dungeons & Dragons group and how we definitely (almost) saved the world.

Currently, the structure of the Patron rewards will be as follows:

Weekly Posts: These will be new entries into the ongoing Short Story I am posting for Patrons. Some entries might be short, like a vignette. Others might be longer, like a Chapter. And if I've had a really productive week, it might be several Chapters at once! The Short Stories are my focus because I believe they will be the most substantial and rewarding content I can provide on a weekly basis to my Patrons.

Bonus Posts: As I mentioned before, I believe my supporters should be rewarded as often as possible. There's no set time frame on these kinds of posts, meaning their frequency will be inconsistent. Weekly Posts will always take priority, but bonus posts are there just for fun. Some of these posts will not be paid content, instead open to the public. This is where you'll see my drawings, painted miniatures, and other kinds of unwritten content, plus the written content that I didn't think fit in with my weekly posts.

Polls: Whenever I finish a Short Story or the community decides there should be a shift in focus, I will put up Polls to help decide what comes next on this Patreon page. Polls aren't accessible to all Patrons. Those who are most invested in my content will have the highest chance of influencing what content comes next.

Yearly Goal: Can we turn each year's group of Short Stories into an Anthology? Could one of my Short Stories become a Novella? Or even a full length novel? Every year I will ask the community what our End of Year goal should be. If we pull it off, I'll post the finished product to every Patron in the community.
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