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I was born and raised in Dallas, as a Republican, and appeared in an episode of the original “Dallas” TV show in the 80s. (Rode a horse up to J.R. Ewing). Most of my 15-year professional career has been in D.C. working on and in politics. I'm back now, in Houston as a Democrat, and I find the growing liberal strand in the state's big cities both maddening and heartening. What can I say. Texas is full of contradictions. 

A high school English teacher once told me I'm a good "observer." Observing has helped in my writing for candidates and causes. Now I'm taking on a new project: figuring out why Texas stays so red even as the state has, in some measures, become much less conservative. Our big cities are blue. A majority of Texans support same-sex marriage, the “Dreamers” remaining in the U.S., and universal background checks for gun buyers.

Plus, why are Hispanics - set to become the majority population in 2022 - still voting for Texas Republicans in droves?

The cause of these seeming contradictions is much more than gerrymandering. 
“LSD,” or Lone Star Democrats, is an unedited, digital video and Op-Ed series exploring these issues. My end game through LSD is to map out a long-term blueprint to expand the progressive footprint across the state and do it in rolling, go-on-this-journey-with-me kind of way. Tune in weekly when we'll meet a ton of new people from all walks of life over Mexican food in diverse Texas cities. (Sorry - not tofu or lattes.) We won’t shy away from what culturally may be hindering real power for Democrats. 

We want to begin LSD on November 7, the day after the 2018 midterms. Democrats will likely win some seats, but no matter what happens, we’ll look at what we did right and wrong this election cycle and what the future holds for progressives in this complicated state. In the new year, we'll release an edited, professional 1-hour documentary that tells the story of what we learned on the road and what it means down the road for Texas Democrats.
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