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You get to watch videos before everyone else! This is the prerelease tier - you'll get to see the videos anywhere between 2-7 days before public release.
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Blooper reels! We cut quite a bit before and after recording; at this level, you'll get to see a blooper reel once a month. For months when we're low on blooper reel footage, this tier receives patron-exclusive reaction videos; currently, this means Patreon-exclusive Steven Universe reactions. Also includes previous reward levels.
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Want your name on my videos? You got it! This level puts your name in the credit roll of all of my videos. Also includes previous reward levels.



About Katie Cullen

Thanks for coming to the page, and if it's your first time, welcome! I'm Katie, and I create reaction videos (I watch things and make funny commentary), oftentimes along with my roommate Megan and my cat Winter. Release schedule is anything but scheduled, but you can expect several videos per month.

I plan on using Patreon to support the further creation of videos, with the intent of upgrading my video editing software, camera setup, audio setup, and (if things go hilariously well) computer, as I'm currently doing all of this on a laptop and that is super fun in terms of processing and rendering speeds.

Patrons will have access to reactions before the public, access to patron-only videos, and the highest level of patrons will be able to request one video per month. If you're confused as to how Patreon works or have ideas for different rewards, let me know - I'm open to suggestions.

Thanks for your support!

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