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What you get in return: 

  • A Patreon Role on my discord server! With exclusive channels and more in the future~

  • Monthly feature on my Twitch and DeviantArt!
  • Patreons gain access voting on fanart or merch designs, first dibs on merch, and special commissions!

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Rank 2: Honey Pot
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Thank you thank you thank you~

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  •  Everything from Rank 1
  • NSFW access to art (when available) for month(s) supported
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Thank you so much!

 What you get in return: 

  •  Both Rank 1 and Rank 2 Benefits.
  •  Monthly doodle - just send me your character!
    (Could be a bust, chibi, halfbody, emote, icon, etc.- I pick and surprise you!)
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About KibbyCup

Hello & Welcome to Kibby's Space Program! ღ
  • My name is Kendle (a.k.a KibbyCup/RedPandaRice/Kc) 
  • You can find me in many places:
    Twitter -
    Twitch -
    DeviantArt -
    or online in games! 
  • Patreon is just something I have on the side, I hope one day it will become something bigger so I can offer those who choose to use Patreon to support me more! 
  • Patreon helps me focus less on doing only commissions, on more on personal projects and fan-art! I will have Patreon-only polls in the future for voting on art or merch I should work on next! 
What you receive from Patreon:
  • Free sketches! 
  • Monthly features on my twitch and Deviantart! 
  • NSFW access to the artwork I do.
  • Access to a special chat with me~ via discord! (Patron Only Rooms/Role) 
  • Rank 4: Charms, prints, and other physical merch items! 

Planned content: 
  • Exclusive drawings
  • .sai files of fanart, so you can see the many layers I use to draw~ 
  • Free to use Patreon only Bases 
  • YCH (your character here) exclusive commissions
  • Other exclusive commissions 
Other Information
  • Please contact me back after payment each month (if your pledge gets you any extras) for:
    •  Sketches
    • Merch 
    • Help with anything else
    • Any questions! 
  • The best way to contact about Patreon rewards (for example what you would like me to draw for you this month) Would be via Patreon, Discord, or direct message on twitter~ 

Thank you so much for stopping by and supporting me! 

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Awh shucks, you guys are making me cry now~

This is a sign that I am starting to get somewhere, as well as a huge step for my future with art! I will keep working hard to reach more goals while being supported by all of you amazing people! 

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