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Hello Everyone,
    My name is KidXister, when I was young I wanted to be a super model. When I reached the peek of my height, 5'3", it occurred to me that I was not tall enough to be a model. I still had a love for fashion and sewing. Fashion designer seemed like the next best choice, a better choice even!  Becoming a fashion designer is not easy, and I never pursued it further then making my own clothes and Halloween costumes. One Halloween I made a Fionna costume and my husband told me it was really good (for what I had to work with), and that I should get into cosplay. Later that same year I went to my first anime convention. I am hooked, cosplay fulfilled my youthful desire to be a model and fashion designer, and KitsuneKon sparked a new dream.
Currently I am attending college to get my bachelors degree in Corporate Communications and public relations. When I graduate I want to become an event planner, so I can plan conventions on a professional level.
With Patreon I will share photos and videos of my cosplays, plushies, props, art, how I am doing in college, and whatever else I do that's fun. If you you like what you see and want to help out, I will use the money to pay for art supply, and aid my journey to become an excellent event planner. If we meet at an conventios I helped put together, please say hi, I would love to shake your hand. 
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Wheat pasting for a scholarship
I'm applying for a scholarship that has a couple requirements; animals is one, and it has to be in contemporary, modern, urban, or abstract. Oh, and it needs to be recorded. My boss is allowing me to vandalize his property for the sake of art, and college. I will share the video of me wheat pasting for the first time with all of you. It will be an adventure! From what I understand it isn't that expensive to put this all together, so 10.00 is my goal. However if you like what you see, please let me know. Maybe I can do more in the future, for the sake of art and knowledge. 
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