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About killians_arts

Hey everyone!! Most of you guys know me from my instagram or facebook groups, or you just know me in person, however i decided to start a patreon to support me and my art!

why support me?

now thats the question most of you guys have, id love if yall supported me and my content because 
A. I will have a sense of having a job, something to work for.
B. It tells me yall love what im doing and wanna support me for it!
C. Ill have more money to do the things i love, like making art, sending art to supporters(more on that later)and much more

where is your money going?

it'll be going to art supplies and shipping your art to you! 

what if i dont have the money? 

dont worry about it! This is only for the people that have the money to support me! I will think no less of you if you cant be a patreon!
$0 of $100 per month
This will allow me to send out art and buy supplies much quicker
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