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Making Killrob's world go round little by little. Thank you!
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You really mean it with this support thing, don't you? Much appreciated!
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The big one, this does make more than a dent for sure!
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You happen to have stumbled upon Killrob. Once working within nuclear physics designing and building detectors for particle accelerator experiments, nowadays I am designing and building software at Camshaft Software as my full time job in Wellington, New Zealand, creating an awesome game called Automation.

As a hobby I've taken up making YouTube videos for more than just Automation's YouTube channel. On KillrobPlays I create let's plays intertwined with a smattering of game design and balance commentary. I strive to provide non-lazy, entertaining let's plays for people who enjoy the odd games I happen to showcase and comment on. That is anything from the ARPG classic Diablo 2, over some modern tycoon and simulation games like... for example, uhh, Automation!

I really would like to see community interaction grow around the channel. So far I'm able to respond to basically every comment on YouTube, but probably it is about time to start my own discord channel, too. As I'm much better at communicating with few people at a time rather than with larger groups, the discord channel will remain patreon-supporter only. I want to properly engage with and respond to you without the noise typical of public channels. Thoughtful talks are most welcome if you have the time and quick chats aren't harmful either.

For a very long time now I a semi-professional photographer and have successfully taught this craft in courses I put together myself. New Zealand is a paradise for landscape photography, which I love to do, share, and discuss. So if you happen to not only like my YouTube work but want discuss some good old photography and get quality feedback, consider those tiers which include the photo corner access. ;)

Choosing to support me will aid me in continuing to deliver great content to the channel. Considering how much time and effort it takes that indeed would make it sustainable in the long run. I'm having a lot of fun doing what I do and would love to continue that with your support!

If all that sounds like something you might might want to support, please check out my content and maybe consider supporting me with a dollar a month in case you like it. Cheers!
$30 of $100 per month
As far as Diablo 2 content goes, I will expand my Countess Knowledge Mini-Series with a fourth episode for which I will create a program that simulates Countess runs and rune drops to determine the actual number of runs needed to get certain runewords. I will document the creation of the program in separate videos.
This little tool will be made available to patreons!
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