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An original, signed doodle (which is my hand-drawn sharpie art).
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All of the above and a digital file of a mandala image (which is created from my original photographs).(along with release to print files).
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All of the above and a digital file of a "doodle" image (which is my hand-drawn sharpie art).(along with release to print files).




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About Kim Torres

I am endlessly curious and creative, constantly trying new things and only sticking with something until I have satisfied my own desire for mastery or until something else strikes my fancy.  It's hard enough to earn money from selling art, but even much more so if you don't define yourself into a recognizable style or niche.  I believe that I bring goodness into the world with both the images I create and with my open process which attempts to inspire others to creative play.  One of my mantras is, "It's never too late to have a happy childhood."  If I could get paid to create-- essentially just to be myself--that would be like a dream.  I'm hoping that you are just as interested as I am in what result that might produce!  My patrons will get an inside view to my creative process as well as exclusive, downloadable content.

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My monthly allowance for art supplies!  This amount sounds decadent, but I know it could be much more!!
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