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My show "The Red Booth", is very unique! It's totally being produced outside of the normal entertainment machine. I call it rebel TV. It started for the first year being shot in my garage! It's an actual TV show on the air in Los Angeles and goes to the surrounding cities like Orange County and Ventura! It airs on KVMD every Saturday night at midnight.

What I love about doing this show is that I get to introduce you to people you may sometimes not have heard of yet, but who have done amazing things. There are so many talented and wonderful, creative people from so many fields in the arts and entertainment world. I also feature more and more well known guests but love to keep it very humble. One of the reasons I do the show is so that you can see that there are real people following their dreams and making it. You may think the percentages are low for success in the arts, but one after the other you get to hear from people who are working in these fields and how they are actually making it happen. I hope it inspires you to follow your dreams too.  

My show is not a normal late night talk show. It's basically a full half hour dedicated to that guest.
You get to know the person I'm interviewing on a casual basis as if you were to sit with them in a diner booth and chat about what they do or even just tell stories. Bands, Actors, Artists, Athletes, Authors, Models, Painters, Sculpters, Fashion Designers, Youtubers, Producers, Filmmakers and the list goes on.

Another great thing about the show is that I can have whoever I want on my show. I don't have any big brother corporations telling me what I can and cannot promote.

I never get into ridiculing my guests or trying to put them on the spot, the whole vibe is just to be supportive and celebrate what their accomplishments are. It's not a smear show  and I hope I am doing my part to combat the gossip rag world we live in and bring back a bit of the humanity in the media to reflect how we really are, a beautiful imaginative, industrious, people. 

Also I do the show in full retro 40's/50's style clothing and hair and make-up to match the giaqnt 50's diner booth that we sit in, with a classic Americana feel, I hope you feel at home watching!

But I do need your help! Any little bit you can do will help me to keep the show alive, and on the air. I do not accept money to put people on my show. I am not being paid by the TV station or anyone else. I do have 2 commercial sponsors so far which has helped greatly but I have a ways to go. Right now just to keep it going, it is vital that I find more ways to fund the show.

So my question is, would you like to see my show continue? If so, please pledge any amount of support here to be paid when I release a new show. Getting enough of these will make a huge difference and it will be greatly appreciated. In exchange I promise to keep up the good work, I hope to always give you an entertaining show to enjoy! 

$2 of $200 per Episode
The show is on the air but it needs to get out there and get press, and also be exposed to more viewers,subscribers and followers. Doing this includes paying a publicist for all the fancy things they do as well as online promotion.
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