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  • Access to all public sketches of fanart and/or originals for future drawings (5+ pictures I don't post anywhere else)
  • You also get to vote for my next fanart, request or the like.
  • My absolute love and gratitude!




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WORK IN PROGRESS!~ I'll be adding more tiers and working on my Patreon Soon!~

Who is this?

Hello I am Kimu, I am a Freelance Concept Artist, Pixel and 3D Modeler, Video Games are my life!!!!

I post art on a fairly regular basis, I also do chibi commissions and Stickers on my Etsy. My art is greatly influenced by Video Games!

This Patreon is for if you wish to support my shop, Shop Sweet Buns and my works as I wish to develop myself more as an Artist and bring more content for you!

There will be sketches, Illustrations, comic projects and possibly 3D Models in the future. With your help, I can also reunite this money to help make merchandise of my art and give to you!

No matter the amount you decide to give, every dollar counts! It will be the backbone of the creations of many artworks and better equipment for me to use.
What is Patreon?
It's kind of like a virtual tip jar, where if you like an artist's content and want to help them grow, you can become their patron by supporting them monthly or with a one time 'pledge' and you’ll get a reward for it too! It helps a lot of us grow and also to mitigate our bills and personal money problems.

$0 of $1,500 per month
If I were to reach this goal monthly, I would be able to live peacefully and bring even more content and even freebies for you guys!
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