Ben Ngapo

is creating Practice Based Cures for Bipolar Disorder




Bipolar is temporary. 

Hi! I'm Ben and I need your help. 
I need your help to cure bipolar disorder. 
Not for me, I have that covered, but for others who are struggling.

About Me
I was diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder ten years ago. Being diagnosed terrified me not because of the illness itself but because it was known to be lifelong, chronic, and incurable.

It wasn't until years later that a specialist on bipolar told me something amazing: some people who initially struggle with bipolar disorder learn to manage it so well that it no longer has a negative effect on their lives. He told me this because he thought that I was on my way to becoming one of these people, that I was learning how to cure myself. 

This changed my worldview about illness and got me thinking. What was I actually doing to manage my bipolar? Were the skills and techniques I used specific to me, or could anyone use them? Was it possible to teach these skills to help others manage bipolar? 

My Goal

I want to help people learn to cure their bipolar quickly. I want to teach people in one year what it took me a decade to learn. This is what I am working towards each day. My strategy for doing this is by developing easy-to-learn practice based cures. 
  • A Practice Based Cure means practicing good techniques that alleviate bipolar symptoms.
  • These techniques become increasingly more effective as we get better at practicing them.
  • Eventually we can become so skilled at doing the techniques that we are successfully released from bipolar symptoms, and our bipolar becomes benign.

Through KindBipolar I make education on bipolar disorder freely available, focusing on skills and management techniques. My goal is to make KindBipolar the most useful and accessible platform for bipolar in the world.

Please help me accomplish this work! 
I am not wealthy but I have been committed to my goal since 2017. I am committed to making this work my primary focus from 2020 but to do this I need your help. 
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