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We cannot thank you enough for supporting our app that is started by two students who looked to make something bigger out of what was just a hobby growing up. We wish to have people just like yourself help us grow a bigger fitness community all around the world. As gratitude, we will send a personalized letter to you.
Priority Access to Community and Events
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This tier will include priority access to all of our events we will hold around New York City, including, meet ups, seminar and webinars pertaining to fitness, group workouts as well as our internet forums and communities.

Nutritional Advice and Assessment
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This program is created by experienced personal trainers and is specifically catered to you. You will be contacted by a trainer to give further information about your lifestyle, nutrition, activity levels, etc. You will also speak about your goals whether it is geared towards weight-loss, performance or any other goals you may have. 2 Follow ups per month.




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Our vision is to create a fitness community that incorporates the entire world. The biggest problems most people have in achieving their fitness goals are, intimidation, lack of knowledge and motivation. All of which can be prevented by a workout partner. KinectMe is the medium in which users will be able to network through fitness. By networking, users will be able to learn and speak through the language of exercise and health. KinectMe allows fitness enthusiasts to benefit from cooperative training and competition all while being convenient. Convenience becomes key in cases of attempting to make fitness a lifestyle rather than just a phase. We are only at our first step of making this possible, we will continue to put out bigger updates and, most of all, listen to our users. KinectMe is about creating the best user-based experience so that we can grow a unified fitness community.
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Currently, we are supporting this app financially out of our own pockets. With $300 a month, we can cover the fees to keep the app running and focus on funding our other goals.
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