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For people who wants to do some good from the bottom of their hearts.

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People who donates 2$, will get a special role on my discord server, called "Patreon Supporter"

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This tier will make your minecraft skin be featured 

on my animations! And end credits!




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About KingApdo

Hello Everyone :)

Welcome to my patreon page. I'm KingApdo, for those who don't know me, i'm a minecraft animator. 
I have been animating for about 2 years now. I make short, music minecraft animations, with the story in them. I own a discord server, i'm pretty often active in there. I love talking
with my fans about what they think about the animations, or if they need help to do something.
$9 of $100 per month
When i will reach $100 per month, i'll will try to upgrade my computer to make better animation, better content for everyone!  
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