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Our Eternal Gratitude ... and Twitter Shout-out
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Thank you from all of the King Falls residents, from Kingsey to that Weird Food Truck, for supporting the show! 

We couldn't do what we do without listeners like you.

Plus a tweeted thank you! 

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Beyond The Falls Podcast
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Get access to Beyond The Falls, the behind-the-scenes podcast from the Creators & Cast of King Falls AM!

Answering listener questions, sharing stories from the making of the show and introducing the people behind the characters you know and love (or hate)!

Podcast launching for Patreon Members September 2017.

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About King Falls AM

King Falls AM comes to you twice a month, free of charge, and we'd literally have it no other way. However the show does take a lot of resources to make: time, effort & unfortunately money as well. 

It is our goal to continue bringing the King Falls AM quality you are accustomed to for a long time to come. It's also a goal of ours to do that while being able to pay our wonderful collaborators (other than in food & hugs), to update our recording equipment and systems and to some day, have King Falls AM become a full-time job! Meaning more Episodes, content & goodies. 

We'd definitely appreciate it if you had some dollars to spare, but regardless of giving, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for listening and hanging out with 660 on the AM Dial.
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We’ve reached our original Patreon goals, which is mind blowing! We absolutely couldn't have done it without you.

But why should we stop there?

Because of YOU we have updated our antiquated equipment into a studio. We’ve fed every cast member you love (and the ones you love to hate!) pancake puppies down at Rose’s. And over the past year, have finally started the journey of making King Falls AM more than just your favorite AM Radio Station.

We are now laying the actual groundwork to turn King Falls AM into its own animated series.

We will need an animated teaser when we pitch to your favorite tv and streaming networks, meaning we will need to hire a group of talented artists to turn the world of King Falls into a show on your screens.

If you are able to help us attain this goal, we will be able to take YOU on that journey too: with special monthly video updates, showing you the process, and the people, turning this dream into a reality.
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