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Thank you so much.  At this tier you can suggest things you'd like to see me draw as well as vote in subscriber only polls.  You'll also get to see my finished art before the public !

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About KingGigabyte

Hey there I'm Billiard, I do freelance work for a living and I'm a disabled transman. My dream is to be able to support my self by doing what I love!  Graphic art, Traditional art, and animation. 

Currently, I live off of disability and it's barely enough to survive month to month. So I greatly appreciate any support. 

My goal with this Patreon would be to be able to offer more bases, tutorials, and tons of concepts and WIPs of my art and fully finished art as well. All art on this Patreon will be high res with low res stuff being posted a few weeks later. You'll also receive exclusive previews to any comic page projects I may be working on at the time!  



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Thank you for taking a look at my page <3  

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I'm able to buy a bit of food every month without having to worry about not having enough to survive ! 
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