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You're basically telling me that you like what I do and is willing to put money into my wallet so that I can do this more.

Pretty big deal if you ask me

  • Access to preview gifs of animations
  • Previews of comics
  • A big thank ye
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You get to see the current progress of my ongoing projects! This includes:

  • Rejected pages for comics
  • Full page comic drafts
  • Gifs for ongoing animations
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You essentially get to commission me for stuff every month

  • Commission me to draw pretty much anything*
  • A simple animated gif for you


*Furries and mechs I can do but I am inexperienced so request at your own risk




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Because I need money to live obviously

But seriously though, if you guys pledge to me then I will make more of the things I love - that being comics, animations, and more importantly be able to give back to my parents for the things they've done for me.

I currently have a few projects lined up. These being;
Player 4 and a Half, a comic about humans dealing with not so human problems

Aboard the Atlas, a comic about a group of adventurers exploring strange new islands

As well as a Youtube Animation channel

I'm also working with a few of my friends creating different kinds of content for ya. Those projects are still a secret though.
Thanks for contributing if you decide to become patron!

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Hoo boy, money, now I can take this seriously! Also buy myself an ice cream... Or... Something
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