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You are my favorite supporters. 1 dollar will grant you entry into the credits of my videos. See your name at the end of every video. As long as you are a proud supporter, I will always have your name at the end of every video I produce.

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Joining the 5$ picture pledge not only do you get all the benefits of getting a shout out at the end of all videos, but I will personally allow you to choose any figures I have reviewed and I will make a up to 5, 2 minute videos a month featuring pictures of your request, as long as it fits community guidelines. Remember it can be any figure you have seen me review or any figure I may have.

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With 10$ you'll be able to get all the benefits of the 1$ and 5$ pledge, but also get exclusive rights to message me and talk to me about anything you want. You can message me exclusively on my facebook or Instagram. Please note I might not be available at all times during the day, but I will make an effort to talk to you and get to know my viewers.




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About KingofDragons5000

KingofDragons isn't about just collecting. It's about connecting to people and finding out what what I enjoy and finding like minded people. As a Youtube reviewer, I have seen many videos where the person doing the review treats the audience like children or talks down to them. One thing I want to do is treat every video like someone's first review. Returning viewers or new eyes, I want everyone to be informed on the figure and see what's good and what's bad about it. If you feel the need to help support me, please do so, I will be setting up goals as time goes on, but for now $1 pledges your support and helps me grow.
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New equipment is always part of the game. Sadly for reviewers, things get old and wear out. Help me reach my goal of 150 dollars. When I make this goal I will buy a new, bigger studio for my reviews with better lighting and a new microphone. Money doesn't grow on trees and I hope you can donate. Every step of progress is progress. Even if its 1 dollar it's still better then nothing.
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