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If you guys joined my patreon and donated I already think of you as a friend :)
I give you thanks for joining because when my channel becomes popular you guys will be the monitor or whatever it's called on the live stream I make because those who believe in me would subscribe to me even if they don't like it but still wants to motivate me and stuff like that so whoever does that are special people to me
because that motivates me
and I was thinking of me not putting ads on my videos when I get popular...
we'll see.. oh and I guess for now when I get the money I would love to be a gamer and an animater and even a GAmE developer and maybe the first child celebrity which i dont think will happen but why not? even as a child lol most people who know me in real life already know my age but don't ask me for my age and that goes for all of you kids on social media because the world we live in isn't all about trust obviously if your parents tell you about those stuff :l
but yeah special thanks to the people who are planning to be my friend
T.I.L.L.        T.H.E            E.N.D
My friends! :D
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