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About Kinnia

Hi everyone! We are Kinnia, a folk band with a very interesting style: we combine celtic, folk and epic music. We also like to create covers with our celtic style.
We are hardworkers and the sound quality of our music is quite good, but we need your help to keep improving our level. We want to offer you videoclips so you can see us playing. We need a camera and a computer for editing, and also some microphones. We are sure that with your support our artistic possibilities are huge! And we are sure too that you´ll enjoy our music very much! Thank you for becoming our Patrons! Let´s start creating! :)

Kinnia is a Madrid-based band composed of professional musicians formed in diverse musical styles. Kinnia is led by Jezabel Martinez (Violin, composing) and the rest of the band are Jorge Escudero (Guitar), Pablo Merchante (Vocals), José Luis Frias (flutes and bagpipe) and Bardo Malkavian (percussion, bouzuki) and counts with various guest artists and coworkers.
The boundless creativity of this folk band made them have a succesfull debut in Madrid in 2014, giving shows in various venues where the crowd went mad.
Kinnia´s first album, more traditional, retains the substance of celtic soul. Their second album, still unreleased, deepens in fantasy, medieval and epic folk with original songs composed by the members of the band.
Kinnia´s originality lies in its powerful celtic, medieval and epic melodies with a light fusion with mediterranean sounds wich immerses the listener in a world of magic, fantasy and ancestral times...
The show proposed by Kinnia is a travel along the diverse territories that have been influenced by celtic culture. Travel with Kinnia to a bustling tavern, to a mystic enchanted forest, travel in a ship that sails unknown seas, from the Baltic sea to the Mediterranean, be surprised by songs of pirates and vikings, and let yourself be guided by fairies and minstrels.
Breathe through the music the smell of Ireland´s moss, the forests of Asturias and Galicia, the salty scent of Brittany´s coasts and the warmth of Mediterranean´s lands.
Its versatility made them be booked for medieval fairs and historical recreation events such as Belmonte´s Castle, National Medieval Fighting Championships, the Aljama Market, the Cervantine Market and the Beer Fair in Alcalá de Henares, world´s heritage city. Also, Kinnia collaborated with the famous show of the Spanish National Radio, “Espacio en Blanco”.
Kinnia is a safe bet for any sort of celebration, ranging from music festivals, concerts, medieval fairs to historical reenacments.
Immerse yourself in a journey of fantasy, history, magic and emotion with Kinnia!
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With that money we could afford a good camera and start making our own videos instead of only upload animated images for our songs.
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