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I really appreciate you guys donating and helping to support me.
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About Kirby

Hello! I am Kirby.
I'm an aspiring artist and I enjoy making Let's Play videos on my YouTube Channel

I hope you guys enjoy what I provide!
I release new content every week

Here's how it works:
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On Patreon you'll also get to see the All Posts feed, which is where you guys can post fanart, get to know my other patrons and leave comments.

What I'm trying to do here is earn money so that I can buy new games and better equipment for my videos, and therefore keep entertaining you guys. So I'm hoping that people will fund me and help me reach my goals. You can pledge on the left side of the page by clicking the button, "Become a Patron." From there you can choose what you want and your payment method

I am very excited to see you guys around and helping me out. Thank You guys so much.

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