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I am a screenwriter with a passion for magic realism and dreams. 
Last year, I had a dream. A dream so real, so vivid, it was like a gift. From my brain, to me. I wrote it down and some time later decided to make it into a short film. As I began my preparations, I realised I had other dreams like that, waiting to be pulled back into the light of the day.
And the first season of Noctuary was created. A series of short films that share the same protagonist, Alice, a young woman who navigates her dreams trying to understand what's happening in her mind.
I knew I had made something special, something different and very intimate. I took a piece of my mind from when I’m most vulnerable- my sleep, and made it into something I wanted to show to people.

I believe the project would be best for the web, where it would be accessible for the biggest audience possible, free for anyone to discover. However, this kind of project requires some financial resources. Resources that I had making the first episode, but that are no longer at my disposal.
I have approached several production companies and producers, but got a confirmation of what I already knew- this is not a commercially viable project for the internet. 
But does this mean it shouldn't get made? Hell no! Screw commercial viability. If I can make even one person's day, week or life better with my work, I believe I should be able to go through with it.

While there are plenty of amazing people here in Paris who are willing to dedicate their free time and sometimes even their own resources to work on a project, there are still things you have to pay for, such as some of the crucial tech equipment (camera and accessories, lighting, sound equipment...), transportation, food.
I like to do things to the max and produce the content of the highest quality I possibly can. To me, a project like this simply has to be beautifully shot. It's a flow of visual poetry and beauty, drawing people in to pay attention to hidden themes and subtleties.
Therefore I am turning to you for help. Any finances acquired at first will be used to rent the necessary equipment and feed the crew- it's as simple as that. There will be lots of uncertainty and stress, but also a whole lot of excitement and fun. 

With increasing contributions, I will be able to buy some of the equipment and reduce the stress of not having this or that for the shoot. The project has a visual universe that will remain the same through the shoot, which means I will be able to pretty quickly determine what works best and what to buy in order to save time and costs.

Long story short, this is a project for the people out there. And it only makes sense to produce it with them- with you. The people I intended it for.

So if you like dreams, psychoanalysis and all things weird but aesthetically pleasing, come aboard! We're all trying to figure out what's going on in our lives here.

Trailer for the first episode:

Disclosure: The rewards are a test. I'm new to this, and though I have looked through what other people offer, this is only a rough estimation of what you might fancy (or what I would fancy). If you have any special requests or ideas, DO GET IN TOUCH! Want your photo to appear in an episode? Have a special (free for commercial use) film in mind to go with your dream analysis? I'll listen to anything you have to say.

$0 of $500 per video
Reaching this amount of support means I can go back to my original series concept and start reworking it, so that I can prepare it for preproduction. It's enough security for me to know I can ultimately make my dream happen, with your kind support
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