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YOUR NAME IN LIGHTS - Your name in the EVERY future E-Book / video! Even the physical releases will bear your name in the Credits!

What does this mean? - Your name in media that thousands will enjoy (inc your name immortalised in all the physical book versions that you'll be able to find in shops, e-stores and (Hopefully) your local library!

There are no other added benefits of supporting this Patreon; but you can rest in the knowledge that you've helped the quest of bringing free video-game development education to people all around the world - Go you! :D
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Hello everyone!

Who am I?
My name is Ryan Shah, Project Lead / Lead Developer at Kitatus Studios, writer of "Art of Unreal Engine 4" series and other FREE Unreal Engine 4 educational content, creator of video-games and creator of KITATUS!

I have 10 years experience working in the video-game field, ranging from creating terrible games in Adobe Flash (Back when it was Macromedia) all the way up to developing my first commercial project and educational content!

With my books, I do things differently to most tutorial books out there: We create multiple projects together, with step-by-step images and language that actually makes sense.

Why am I here?
I had an amazing, fun and awesome time writing "Art of Unreal Engine 4 - Blueprints" and I'd love to continue writing free books and creating even more content to help fellow video-game developers and people interested in video-game development create amazing things!

Why I need YOUR help!
 In order to continue producing free content for the community and people interested in developing video-games, I've turned to the beautiful people here on Patreon to ask for donations so I can continue working on my mission to help anyone and everyone create the game of their dreams.

With your support, not only can I continue to work on free books to help teach everyone just how simple it can be to create video-games, but your contribution will also help in creating an online hub to store all the projects created in the books as well as awesome content created by you guys 'n gals! This means that you'd always be able to download the project files, asset files, all the books and much more - totally for free! But that can only happen with YOUR help!

We never use Ads or get money through Ad revenue so we really do rely on any support we can get!

What You Get.
As a Patron you'll receive many exclusive and awesome bonuses such as credits in books, videos and... That's about it. Instead of gimping the Kitatus experience to bribe you to donate, I've chosen to make the best possible content that I can personally muster. This means instead of getting useless postcards or one-one-videos, EVERYONE gets the best Kitatus content that Kitatus can possibly create.

"You made a free e-book for everyone? Does that mean I can have it for free too?"
TOTALLY! I made it for everyone and anyone, from skilled video-game veterans to people who have always dreamed of creating video-games (No experience required!).

Click here for ALL the free Books! CHECK OUT KITATUS' FREE BOOKS!

Why I want to continue to create free books / Content.
I originally created the books to thank the video-game development community for all the help they've given me over the years. But as I was creating the books, I didn't realise how good it felt to know that I could be helping people create things they thought weren't possible - And the response I got from the books has really motivated me to want to create even more free content for every single person who wants to develop video-games, big or small!

Thanks for checking out my Patreon page!
I hope you're as excited as I am to continue working on free, awesome content for the community. As I said, these books are for EVERYONE; From "Black Belt" developers who want to hone their skills to people who have that burning desire to jump on the "Gamedev train".

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to any of my social media channels or email me! - Thanks again, you all rock!

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