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Hello and Welcome to the Kitchen Catastrophes Patreon Page! I’m your author and Digital Tour-guide through the Modern version of the Medici’s Florence, Jon O’Guin. I’m sure you’ve got some questions, but I can’t hear them, because the bugs I placed in your house stopped working months ago. So, instead, I’ll answer some general ones, and hope I mostly hit the mark:

Who are you again?

Jon O’Guin. We literally just met. I’m the main content creator for, a blog devoted to helping people push the boundaries of their cooking curriculum by documenting my various attempts at various dishes, both successful and failures. We don’t think you should be scared of your kitchen. Unless it’s haunted. In which case your fears are perfectly reasonable.

A Wise Guy, Eh?

That feels more like a rhetorical question than a genuine one, but sure. Yeah, I am a wise guy. All the writers for the blog are mostly trained in theatre or comedy. We’re not experts. We’re not professional chefs. That’s part of the appeal. I started cooking for fun in High School, after I literally destroyed a bowl burning Easy Mac. EASY MAC. I swore “never again”, and started learning. We’ve had cakes collapse, lemon curds turn into citrus swamps, and had some actually pretty good meals.

So why am I here?

The site is run by myself and my partner Alan Vandegrift. We started it as a creative project after years of me writing up my culinary failings as Facebook notes, and he said “Shit, man, these are tight as SHIT. You GOTTA put that up on the WEB, where peeps can see.” (Paraphrased) And we did. And it did well. The site gets a couple hundred views a week, and people seem to like it.

But here’s the thing: it doesn’t make any money. See, we’re normal guys. I know I’m personally running Adblock at least 95% of the time I'm online. And ads don’t pay enough at the level of traffic we have without being SUPER intrusive. So we said “Screw it. No ads.” And we’re proud of that decision. But we’re not too proud to beg.

By supporting the site, you’ll be covering the costs of what we do, and supporting us to do more. Since I started writing, people have wanted a cookbook. Since I started the site, I've wanted to get the team together and make jokes over Julia and Julia or something for you guys. We can get these things done, together. And you can get the sweet taste of victory first.

So check out the reward tiers on the right, and the goals on the left, and if you see things you like, please feel free to contribute.

I want to give you my money, but I want you to beg a little more.

Aha, a little digital power trip? Sure thing!

So, the schedule for Kitchen Catastrophes is one post every Monday and Thursdays. That’s 8 posts a month that you can support for as little as $1 a month. That’s twelve cents a post. That’s the cheapest entertainment you can buy outside of outright stealing it. (Or, you know, supporting someone at $1 a month that posts 3 times a week, but hey, I asked first.)

Your contributions are scheduled once a month, every month, until you choose to discontinue supporting us. “Discontinue supporting us” is business speak for “Throw our ass out the door to save up for some Twizzlers.”

Right now, my partner and I have agreed, if the site isn’t making at least $30 a month by the end of the year, we’ll have to close the site. We just can’t afford to invest our time and resources for something the people don’t want.

Our site lives and dies by your magnanimity. And wouldn’t it be cool to be the kind of person who HAS magnanimity? That’s some “Duke of Orleans” level swagger.

So find it in your incredible, gracious, and I-hope-I’m-not-being-too-forward beautiful heart to keep us out of the poor house, and on the internet, telling jokes about Corn, where we belong.
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At this tier, Jon will invest in a better microphone, to improve the Catastrophic Logs. The team will also look at recording software and devices, to improve the site with videos, including riffing on Cooking shows/Food-themed movies. 
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