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  • Special patron-only discounts on future products and merchandise (custom tees, aprons, kitchen utensils, etc)
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  • Monthly live streamed cooking classes followed by a Q&A where you can ask me any cooking related questions
  • Exclusive patreon content
  • Special patron-only discounts on future products and merchandise 
  • Your name physically etched onto the studio wall of patrons (as well as digitally in the credits of every video)




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This video will explain it all! 

Hey home cooks! 

Most of you probably know me, but for any newbies out there, my name is Mike G and I make cooking videos on the Brothers Green Eats YouTube Channel. I believe cooking for yourself and the people you love has the ability to change your life in so many incredible ways, and I strive to spread that message in the cooking videos that I create.

For any of you that have seen my videos, you know that my "kitchen studio" aka my 50-square foot kitchen isn't exactly the best place to host a cooking show from. Although I've done my best over the last six years to make this tiny space work, it's officially time for me to bust out of my apartment. My goal is to create a kitchen studio that will give me the ability to grow as a content creator, so that I can take you to the next level in your home cooking journey!

With the help of your support, I'll be able to create a dedicated cooking studio where I can:

  • Produce more of the cooking content you love
  • Collaborate with chefs & influencers and share their unique cooking perspectives with you 
  • Experiment & share much more crazy food/fermentation projects (maybe even 🧀)
  • Teach monthly live-streamed classes based on your common cooking challenges
  • Invite some of you to the studio for in-person cooking classes
[Psst: For more details on the benefits of becoming a Patron, scroll down to The Benefits section]

As I set out on this journey a few months ago, I quickly realized that the road to create this kitchen studio wasn't going to be as easy as just signing a lease... Here in Brooklyn you can find plenty of commercial kitchen spaces, but many of them felt too commercial and weren't built for filming purposes. It became pretty clear that in order to make my kitchen studio a reality, I would need to create it from scratch (just like my cooking philosophy). 

Believe it or not, before I was a pro cook my first passion was building🔨. So the idea of creating a kitchen studio completely from scratch is very exciting, but having the finances to do so is another story! Although living in NYC provides incredible opportunities as a creator, renting space is extremely expensive, and building a kitchen is a big time investment. In order to create an inspiring kitchen studio that that will set the stage for years of future creative content, I'm going to need your help!

I’ve started this Patreon page in order to make this kitchen studio project a joint adventure. With the support of this community, I’ll have the ability to not only create the most badass kitchen studio the internet has ever seen, but also sustain the studio for years to come.  

To help bring this studio to life and become a patron, all you have to do is decide what level of support you would like to donate each month. Each level featured on this page will explain exactly what rewards you will get in return for your donation. No matter what level you choose, your support will have a direct impact on the studio and content produced from it! 

By becoming a patron and supporting the kitchen studio here’s what you can expect in return:

  1. More inspiring food content - By having a dedicated kitchen, I won't have to waste time setting up my gear every time I want to film, which means much more food content for you! 
  2. Exclusive Patreon Content - I'm very excited to take you along on this studio journey with me! Get ready for exclusive studio build out videos (floating shelves, kitchen installation, custom kitchen island, spice racks), behind the scenes studio access, as well as exclusive interviews with future studio guests! 
  3. More fermentation projects - Food projects take space, and right now I'm out of it! If I have to stick one more fermentation vessel into my closet, I think my clothes might start fermenting! This studio will give me the space to experiment with fermentation projects on a bigger scale, which means much more education on that front. Get ready for 🍞🥖🧀🥩🍺🍷and more!  
  4. More collaborations - One of my favorite ways to learn new skills in the kitchen is to cook with people that are much better cooks than me! Unfortunately, my current kitchen hasn't given me the ability to do that over the years. I'm ready to take my collaboration videos to the next level, so I can share new cooking perspectives with you. I've been working on a new show concept for the past year that is based around collaborating with others in the kitchen and this studio will bring that show to all of you! 
  5. Live cooking classes - By having a dedicated filming studio, I'll now have the ability to live stream cooking classes. For anyone who's interested in leveling up their home cooking skills, check out the "Pro Home Cook" level for monthly live streamed cooking classes with me! Each month we will be covering how to overcome your biggest home cooking challenges (followed by a live Q&A where you can ask me anything cooking related. 
  6. In-person cooking classes - Although the Internet is a beautiful way to teach you how to cook, the new studio will finally give me an opportunity to teach some of you in-person! If you have the ability to make it to my studio here in Brooklyn, and you're interested in learning from me in-person, check out the "Pro Home Cook Master" and the "Pro Home Cook Wizard" levels in the "become a patron" section of this page . 
  7. Growth -  Right now I feel like a little goldfish swimming around my tiny glass bowl. It's been a fun journey cooking in my little kitchen studio over the last 6 years, but it's time for me to jump out of the glass bowl and get into a bigger tank where I can grow and thrive as a creator! This new kitchen studio will open up some many incredible opportunities for growth and I'm excited to share that journey with all of you! 

100% of your contributions will go to the following: 

  1. Building supplies - I will be building this kitchen and a lot furniture/storage completely from scratch, so I'll be needing a ton of supplies. Here  are some of the projects I plan on building and sharing with you: Custom Standing Desk, Kitchen Island, Live Edge Shelving, Floating Shelves, Custom Wooden Countertops, Book Shelves, Wall Storage, Spice Racks. 
  2. Tools - To build all of the above, I'm going to up my tool game!  
  3. Appliances - To create a fully functional kitchen I'll need a Refrigerator, Oven Range, Oven Hood, Sink as well as smaller kitchen appliances: Food Processor, Blender, Mixer, Microwave. 
  4. Cookware and Utensils - to get cooking i'll need to stock out the kitchen with: Pots, Pans, Whisks, Spatulas, Plates, Mixing Bowls, Cups. 
  5. Studio rent - This will be one of the biggest cost moving into the future and with your help, I'll be able to keep this kitchen studio running for years to come! 
  6. Studio utility costs - Running a fully functional kitchen studio comes with a ton of utlitlity cost (water & electric) so your support will help keep the doors open and kitchen running smoothly. 
Thanks so much for the constant support over the years. I know this studio is the next step in my cooking career, and I'm so excited to partner with all of you to create an even stronger community of home cooks! My goal has always been to make food content that inspires you to get in the kitchen, so you too can experience the true power of home cooking in your life! Let make this kitchen studio come to life together! 

$148 of $2,750 per month
Together we can make this the most badass kitchen studio that the internet has ever seen! 100% of your support will go to the following:
  1. Building supplies
  2. Tools
  3. Studio projects 
  4. Kitchen Appliances
  5. Cookware and Utensils
  6. Cooking classes
  7. Studio rent
  8. Studio utility costs
[For more details on exactly how your support will be used, see the About section]
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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