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You are amazing, this helps a lot and I thank you so much for your support.




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About me
My name is KittyPumpkins, but I go by Kitty to all whom know me,
I'm a variety streamer on Twitch and I'm an Affiliate as well.
I have 4 cats that aper in stream once in awhile, their names are George, Abby, Winston and my special little baby Thor.
I live in Canada and have since I was a kitten, I haven't had the chance to travel much, but that'll all change very soon (TwitchCon 2018). I want to travel so badly, finding inspiration in the places I visit, and meeting amazing people whom I can lear so much from. I'm a very passionate person once you get me on a topic I love. I can be shy when you first meet me, but I'm a loyal and compassionate friend once you get past my "I hate humans" exterior.

Streaming is my happy place, and I want to make it your happy place to.
If that means playing horror games with my mom sometimes and crying about how much I hate horror games, then I'll happily -maybe not happily cause I really hate horror- do that for you guys, cause you are whom I love.
I'm slowly working my way to the top, It's a long and hard road ahead, but I know that with your support, It'll be worth getting up in the mor... afternoon just to be able to chat with all of you!
(I don't morning)
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Lets start small and work our way up! This is our first goal, so lets work together to get there together <3
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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