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  • You are now an honorary crazy German! That's 50% more German than usual!
  • You are helping me in adding new stream games (and new fun!) to the collection. From new titles to viewer picks or quirky little surprises!
  • You also help me in keeping my PC hardware repaired and updated so that I can focus on the people watching and not the smoke coming from my PC!




Thank you for visiting my page and taking a little time to check it out!

I always enjoy playing games with other people.
Be it with my friends or the huge community out there on the net, I was always drawn to games that have an added social aspect.
Co-op, competitive or even just chatting to people while playing a single player game, that is what I live for and what has been a huge part of my life for over 25 years now.

As times changed, I went from playing locally next to my friends on the couch, to playing with them online, to playing with people all over the world, but I never forgot the feeling of sitting next to my friends and just talking and joking around while gaming.

That's why I love to stream. It's not just you in the game or the other players in it. It is a whole "couch" of people right next to you, all chatting, laughing, swearing, shouting and having a good time. And it is one of the best times you can have on the net.I want to keep that "couch" alive. I want to expand on it,make it comfortable for everyone and give it all the bells and whistles (like cupholders!).

It'll be a couch to be proud of and chill out on when you just want some like minded people around to have fun with.

If you want to help a crazy, slightly salty German sit on a couch and play games while rambling incoherently, you are in the right place!

Any money from Patreon will ALWAYS go towards new games for the stream or repairs/upgrades for the streaming PC!
This is to help make the channel better, not for me to get a Jacuzzi in my limousine!

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