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Hi patrons,

My real name is not Knots O'Brite. Starting this "about me" page with that statement probably proves the point though. It's a pen name that becomes me as I had been trying to become successful with online endevors since around 1995, way back when Microsoft first introduced it's operating system. Well, lets just say that I spun wheels for over 15 years, trying to make a living with online marketing.

Affiliate sites and numerous top level domains with hosting accounts featuring blogs about everything from African Photo Safaris to Vitamin D Absorption were created to no avail. I read everything that I could get my hands on and then finally gave up. It felt like all of those years had been wasted.

Then I started growing and selling trees, of all things, here in South Florida. That went well, financially, untill the housing market collapse which resulted in a meltdown of the wholesale nursery industry. Builders weren't building and landscaping trees were a dime a dozen. I lost my job, my carrier and my property.

2 years later, hired back at the same multi millian dollar farm, at a 30% reduction in salary, my life started to approach normal again. Within a year office politics (back stabing youth climbing the corporate ladder on the backs of those who mentored them) and outright lies prompted me to vacate the industry that I once truly loved.

Now, nearly at retirement age and unwilling to bow to any entity again, I have focused upon what can be accomplished with my own two hands. Focused now upon the one true from of currency that can be attained from knowledge and sweat. Focused upon what has been used for thousands of years to retain wealth. I shall not ever again be dependent on employers, governments or false prophets.

Follow me on this quest for true adventure while seeking pure natural GOLD. I will seek it wherever it resides, from sunken Spanish gallions to ancient stream beds where it lay on bedrock. I will lead you to the mountain sides where it originates. And that's exactly where we'll go.

We now invite you to follow along. We'll show you all the steps along the way, short cut your learnimg curve and allow you to get a piece of the pie for yourself. Become a patron and become a nesasarry viable part of this exclusive club. Get information that no one else will devuldge. This is no hobby hunt. This quest will result in a profitable mining operation with all it's rewards. You can be a part of this success. We want you to also live this dream. Now come with us on this great adventure. We're extreemly happy you're here.

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