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About Know Filter

We had never hung out one on one before we took a spontaneous road trip to Canada for OVO Fest. Unheard of right? Two women who barely know one another spend a weekend together in another country. Well it happened, and it’s been history ever since. That weekend led to five years of trips and adventures with one another exploring new places, people, and things and the fun hasn’t slowed down! We shared a common curiosity and lust for life and felt the importance of having a soul sister to share those experiences with. Our conversations were real, fun, deep, funny, and therapeutic. We laughed, we cried, but more importantly we listened and never judged. We formed a safe zone of trust. A bond and an unspoken understanding that we were always supported. We believe these are the keys to ANY healthy relationship but most importantly, a sisterhood.

Our conversations between ourselves and other women were always enlightening. We would talk about anything and everything without fear of judgement. After several people saying things like “people, not just women, need to hear these conversations” or “you guys need a show”, we began to listen. This led to the birth of ‘Know Filter’ - a podcast about two 20 something females discussing what it’s like to navigate through life in our current society and culture while sharing both our personal stories and that of others (<wbr>podcast/know-filter/<wbr>id1073717441?mt=2</wbr></wbr>). Why? Because these conversations are healthy to have even if no one listens. But you did. You listened and you learned. You wrote us and told us you were moved and motivated us to keep going and we LOVE you for that. You inspired us just as much as we inspired you, and you ignited a flame within us to keep going and growing.

So, we are thrilled to announce that our little baby Know Filter is entering a new stage in its life - VIDEOS! You’ve heard us, but now you get to SEE us - totally and completely unfiltered and VERY animated (Rawan talks with her hands, A LOT. And Patty’s got shade written all over her face) It doesn't get more intimate than this! We’re inviting you into our humble home in Los Angeles and our newest journey of exploration on the west coast after being born and raised on the east coast. New experiences means new stories, conversations, and adventures that we want you to be a part of. After all, Know Filter wouldn't have grown without your encouragement and support!

We understand the importance of setting small short term goals to help you reach the bigger ones. So here are a few of ours and how your patronage will help Know Filter:
  1. Straight from the iPhone: We’ve been ballin' on a budget and recording our podcasts from our iPhones and MacBooks (shoutout to Apple). Help us give you better quality shows by getting actual podcast equipment! (you shouldn’t have to hear an ambulance driving by in the background)
  2. Tip your tour guide: We’ve never been the type to judge a city based on what other people say. We want to experience it first hand for ourselves and for YOU. Supporting us will help us find the city’s gems and hopefully motivate others to go out there and discover everything this beautiful world has to offer! After all, this world is OUR playground so let’s PLAY!
  3. Taking it to the next level: To us, having k(no)w filter means being fully open, candid, and present. We want to bring you videos of our adventures and interactions with strangers but want to be as engaged and involved as possible. Supporting Know Filter will help us go from selfie style iphone videos to the real deal. Not only will the quality be better and more intimate but we will eventually be able to support local videographers and editors and give them an opportunity to do what they love, and get paid for it! This will help us get you more videos in less time (let’s face it, we have no idea what we’re doing)
  4. Do what you love, love what you do: The both of us have worked countless jobs within the service industry and even had corporate careers, all of them leaving us unfulfilled. Our jobs in the service industry gave us flexible schedules and allowed us to do what we truly loved: get to know other people from different walks of life. But there’s a difference between a ‘job’ and your ‘purpose’. We believe this is ours. We want to shed light on real people and real stories. By supporting us you will give us the freedom and gift of TIME. More time to spend on working on our passions and dreams instead of someone else’s. We want to make Know Filter our full time career and your amazing patronage will make that possible.
  5. AND WE LOVE TO GIVE BACK: Both of us have been on a number of mission trips to third world countries as well as continuously support our local communities by volunteering our time and efforts. We believe the more people see others doing good, the more they will want to do good too. Doing good feels good. Our ultimate goal would be to expand Know Filter internationally and go on at least one mission trip a year and document it for you! We are both lucky enough to have lived balanced lives. While we didn’t have everything we wanted, we always had what we needed. Being first generation Americans, we have witnessed first hand the struggles our families have faced not only in their respective countries but coming to America as well. Our early childhood trips back home to Lebanon and the Dominican Republic helped us better understand our cultures but also opened our eyes to other living conditions and taught us to never take anything for granted such as hot water, electricity, and our overall freedom and safety. Because of our parents hard work, we were given the opportunity to view the world through a larger (unfiltered) lens and understand the hardships people face in other countries as well as our own backyard. We want to share our perspective with you.

So, please, become a Patron and have a look through the Know Filter lens. You won't regret it! 

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This is our monthly goal. As we stated in our description we have 5 goals to get us through the year and you can help us reach them! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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